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A Palletainer is a portable container designed for transporting and loading. Palletainers are a durable corrugated solution which is used for the bulk storing and transportation of loose fill products and fresh products, with its contents, with the help of a pallet jack, forklift & lift truck. Palletainers are designed with a rigid case, mostly made of galvanized iron or steel, to ensure safety and durability. Palletainers are used to ship and store commodities and raw materials, bulk chemicals and hazardous materials, petrochemical products, food syrups, etc. This packaging solution offers benefits to all the areas of supply chain, cost effectiveness, product handling, etc. The increasing purchasing power of average customers and an upswing in the adoption of innovative packaging tools are factors that have led to the significant growth in purchase of goods and indirectly increasing demand for palletainers market globally.

Palletainer Steel Storage

SKU: 0084
  • Product Code: 13-PT-445


    Size (a): 1170mm – Base Width
    Size (b): 1200mm – Base Depth
    Size (c): 1693mm – Total Height
    Size (d): 1471mm – Internal Clear High
    Size (e): 1230mm – Clear Entry
    Origin: Malaysia
    Column: Square Hollow Section 50 x 2.3t
    Base: Square Hollow Section 40 x 1.9t
    Finishing: Epoxy Powder Coating
    Loading: 1000kgs UDL Per Palletainer
    Max Stack: Total 3 stack from the top and bottom

    Product Code: 13-PT-445


    4~5 Weeks 

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